We're a team of engineers, designers, and users who believe our device will improve the lives of millions. With the use of Sana, the world’s first truly smart pain relief device, we optimise your pathway to complete relief, even if you suffer from severe pain.

Our founder developed the first version to save his life after a near fatal car accident. Since then we’ve tested 30+ prototypes with over 1300 users.


Sana is the only natural non-invasive solution available to help those with severe pain problems. Sana measures and tracks your overall state of health (using HRV) over time, and uses this measure to tailor the device to help you achieve deep relaxation and reduce pain levels fast.


Our Mission


As a company we strive to help the millions around the world with who are in severe pain.

Therefore, here at Sana, we strive to provide each and every individual with complete pain relief - ensuring they can live their life to the fullest.