Richard in 1992

A 25 year journey begins

In 1992, the jeep Richard Hanbury was driving was forced to crash off a bridge in Yemen. He was pronounced clinically dead for 8 minutes and then in a coma for 6 weeks. After waking up, he spent the next 14 months in the hospital. 

The doctors gave Richard five years to live due to the extreme chronic nerve damage pain. After a lightbulb moment while watching a film in hospital, he began the journey to save his life. To produce the most lasting pain relief, he experimented with the different neuromodulation patterns and bio-metric sensors which normalized how his brain processed pain signals.

Since 1993, Richard Hanbury has been pain-free and has tested his technology with the British Special Air Service, U.S. Air Force, Richard Branson Virgin Challenger flights, and the first Solar Impulse flight around the world.