Encouraging trial data!

Since we last updated you all, we’ve had another busy two weeks and made a lot of progress.

As always feel free to write with any questions.


Our Fibromyalgia study data is being analysed and whilst we can’t announce full results, the statistics team have seen some very encouraging data. This trial is vital as the disease is impossible to treat for some people and we are hoping to be part of the toolkit to help people with this debilitating condition.

Sana’s Opioid Use Disorder trial results have been received enthusiastically by investors and experts in the field, and our next big trials in chronic and neuropathic pain are expected to start very soon.

We are planning our FDA submission in July with a possible launch in early Q4, and we are starting active planning of commercial activities and logistics/ shipping.



Stay tuned!

We know many of you want the device so please stay tuned and we’ll make sure you can get the device once it is approved.

Kind Regards,

The Team at Sana


What will the device cost?

We have not yet set a price but our aim is to provide the lowest price possible to cover production and allow as many people as possible to use our device..

How many people work at Sana?

We like to think of ourselves as small, but we punch above our weight! We have a team of 8 full time staff and a great network of partners who support us.

Why are you focusing on OUD and pain?

We are looking at the areas where we can provide the biggest impact as soon as possible. We are then looking at several other areas including anxiety, mood disorders, sleep and cognition.

Why has it taken so long to get this far?

We have had to wait for the technology to catch up with Richard’s original hypotheses. It’s only quite recently that some of the supporting technology is available at scale.